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Library Automation Software

Sharp e-Solution’s Library Management Software capable to cataloguing for millions of books, easy in books circulation using the barcode scanner, flexible searching facility. The detailed information about the Library Automation Software (LAS) is as under.

Barcode Scanner Integration

The Library Automation Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions integrated with barcode of books, student library cards and also provides facility to print the barcode using any laser printer. As we all knows, every library need to verify their books on yearly basis, our Library Automation Software is capable to verify all the books using barcode scanner with 100% accuracy and fast verification method. If any book is replace with new one then you can also print single or multiple barcode of book(s).

Student library cards can be also scanned using the barcode. You can also print the student library cards using the Library Automation Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions.

Student Information

Bulk student information can be entered in Library Automation Software through importing from the ms-excel and you can also enter students information manually through easy going entry form. Student photos can be captured using the web camera or import from your local computer hard drive. The capture of student photo using web camera is a unique feature in the software.

Staff Information

Any library of institution also circulates the books among thief faculty or staff members so that their Teachers, Lecturers and Professors can upgrade their knowledge to give maximum potential for their students. The Library Automation Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions manage all the staff information as well as circulates the books among them.

Books Cataloguing

As we all knows, every institution library purchase multiple same books and assign them a unique library accession number and need for cataloguing. Our Library Automation Software provides the best and unique feature for cataloguing the books in bulk i.e. the similar books can be entered on a single click.


Any institution library manages and purchase periodicals like news papers, journals, magazines, bulletins, news letters etc. and receives on daily, weekly, fort-nightly, monthly, half yearly, yearly basis and circulates in the library members like students and staff. Therefore, the library automation software developed by Sharp e-Solutions provides best featured form to enter all the entries on a few clicks.

Circulation of Books

The most important task in any library is books circulation. The software provides flexible and easy way to perform this task using barcode. The software is also capable to circulate of books manually if the barcode is technically fault during the circulation period of time. You can manage the circulation charges, penalty on late deposit of the book, lost books entry and their charges or deposit of the same book in place of lost book. During the circulation any member can do the advance booking of the book when the book is loaned to another member.

Searching of Books

The member of the library needs to search the books available in the library by the title, authors of the book, subject-wise searching, publication-wise searching and reference or text books etc. The software developed by Sharp e-Solutions have great feature and facility to search the desired book(s) by filtering any criteria. Through this software you can also check the status of the book i.e. the book is available for loan or books is loaned or write-off status.

Physical Verification of Books

Every institution need to annually verify the books available in the library, so that the administration enable to take the right decision in favour of the student as well as the institution for new requirement of the books, write-off the out-dated or old edition books, any kind of missing/theft of books also can be traced. The Library Management Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions have this feature to verify every book through the barcode scanner with 100% accuracy. The Library Automation Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions also provides the verification report for administration purpose.

Multi-Currency Support

This software also supports the multi currency i.e. the books available in the Library may be an international edition and the prices of books naturally in different currency rather than in your own currency. The software automatically converts the book price in your own selected currency, so that you can manage the charges and prices in your own currency.

Time-Zone Customization

The Library Management Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions also customization settings to set Time-Zone of your country. Through this feature you can set your own country Time-Zone and your own date format.

Database Backup Utility

Data is most important for any institution, business, organization, industry; if data lost or damaged due to any crisis or technical fault, then the organization can’t recover the loss. Therefore, the Library Management Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions provides a feature to take backup periodically and also you can restore the backup, if database is crashed.

User Management

This software also provides you the features to manage software users. You can authorize any individual user by allotting the rights to access the software, so that un-authorization can be restricted.


The most important part of any software is its report presentation. The Library Automation Software developed by Sharp e-Solutions generates different kind of reports like circulations reports (daily, monthly and yearly), dues reports, collections of charges report, barcode label printing etc.

We offer you to generate any kind of report dependent on the data entered by you as per your requirement.